Census: Almost Half of Slovakia's Population Counted in First Two Weeks

Census: Almost Half of Slovakia's Population Counted in First Two Weeks

A total of 2,640,000 people took part in the national census in its first two weeks, meaning that approximately 47 percent of Slovakia"s population has been counted, TASR learnt from census spokeswoman Jasmina Stauder on Monday.

As for individual regions, the highest number of people, namely more than 51 percent, has been counted in Bratislava region, which is followed by Zilina region (almost 50 percent), Trencin region (49.5 percent) and Trnava region (49 percent). The rest of the figures are as follows: Nitra region (47 percent), Presov region (45 percent), Banska Bystrica region (44 percent) and Kosice region (41 percent).

In terms of regional capitals, Trnava leads on more than 51 percent of inhabitants counted, with Trencin closely behind on 51 percent, while Bratislava and Banska Bystrica have almost reached 51 percent. Presov, Zilina and Nitra have each counted approximately 49 percent of their populations respectively. As for Kosice, the second largest city, 42 percent of locals have taken part so far.

The census began on February 15. For the first time in history, it"s based on a combination of already existing data plus data provided by inhabitants and is fully electronic, but there"ll also be an assisted census for those needing personal assistance later this year. While the electronic census is set to last until March 31, the assisted one begins in April and is set to end in October.

All residents in Slovakia are obliged to take part in the census according to the law. This concerns everyone who resides in the country on a permanent, temporary or tolerated basis, including EU citizens. As for children and minors, they have to be registered by their parents. A fine amounting to €250 can be imposed on anyone who doesn"t comply.

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