Music review: Alessia Selini – Busy With You

Music review: Alessia Selini – Busy With You

At the end of September, Alessia Selini has released a new song for her fans. Busy With You is a light romantic creation from the Italian singer-songwriter.

It's not the first time we've written about Alessia Selini, her pop-soul song Time was also featured on GazMag.

Compared to the previous songs, Busy With You shows a slightly new side to Alessia, as she has come up with a light, relaxed, romantic theme. The lyrics describe a situation familiar to many of us: there is someone dear to us, and we keep thinking about them as everything reminds us of them. She tells the story in her own words, in her own friendly style.

The piano, one of the Italian musician's strengths, is at rest this time, and the acoustic guitar has been chosen as the central instrument of the song, providing a great accompaniment to the melodic and catchy lyrics. Alessia's clear-sounding vocals are a perfect match for this style as well.

Alessia Selini's third song is further proof that the young lady has made her musical career. If you want to follow her work more actively, you can do so via her online streams several times a week.

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