Megállapodás született a magyar-kínai légi Selyemútról

Budapest Airport, the Chinese Henan Airport Group (the operator of Zhengzhou International Airport) and the Chinese-Hungarian business and logistics development company CECZ / Utlink signed a cooperation agreement, aimed at establishing the aerial Silk Road between Hungary and China and creating dedicated logistics centers at the two airports, to handle freight traffic.
A sikeres negyedévet záró Budapest Airport felkészülten várja vissza az utasokat

For Budapest Airport, the first quarter of 2021 was characterized by strong and soaring air cargo, low passenger traffic, developments and preparation for the return of passenger traffic. Although passenger numbers do not show any increase for the moment, the company is working on a complex plan to prepare for the return of moderate passenger numbers during the upcoming summer season. This was the first quarter of 2021 for Budapest Airport on the start line.
Közel 21 000 négyzetméternyi bérbeadás zajlott le Budapesten

In Immofinanz's Hungarian portfolio, several lease agreements and extensions of almost 21,000 square meters have recently been successfully completed. Thus, most of the company's local office buildings are currently fully leased.
Új vezérigazgató a Budapest Airport Zrt. élén

Management change at Budapest Airport: Chris Dinsdale is taking over from Dr. Rolf Schnitzler as the CEO of Budapest Airport Zrt. from the end of March. Chris Dinsdale is a highly experienced airport manager for this, who has in-depth knowledge of Budapest Airport.
Globális gyógyszerlogisztika-minőségbiztosítási rendszerhez csatlakozik a Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport is introducing a quality assurance system encompassing all phases of pharmaceutical transportation in Hungary, with the management of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The aim of the project, launched together with freight forwarder, transporter and ground handling companies, is to ensure that medical supplies should reach their targets under strictly controlled circumstances, quickly and safely, assuring quality during the entire transportation process.
Két hét alatt a lakosság fele töltötte ki a népszámlálási kérdőívet Szlovákiában

A total of 2,640,000 people took part in the national census in its first two weeks, meaning that approximately 47 percent of Slovakia"s population has been counted, TASR learnt from census spokeswoman Jasmina Stauder on Monday.
A Vitesco Technologies 450 munkahelyet teremt Magyarországon

The automotive company will create 450 jobs in Hungary in the next year.
Két év alatt 167 millió eurót fordítottak a Budapest Airport repülőtér-fejlesztésre

During the past two years, Budapest Airport implemented 167 million euros worth of investments at the airport, whereby the regional significance of BUD has been greatly enhanced, while maintaining a high level of safety and security. The large projects and other background developments, built around infrastructure, capacity enhancement and digitization, generated a tangible increase in the passenger experience, which is confirmed by research and passenger feedback.
Tavaly 3,86 millió utas fordult meg a budapesti repülőtéren

The coronavirus pandemic had a strong impact on aviation as a whole in 2020; 1.7 billion aerial passengers “vanished” in Europe, and annual traffic at Ferenc Liszt International Airport was 3.86 million passengers, as opposed to 16. 2 million in 2019. Budapest Airport expects passenger numbers to increase from the summer schedule period, and awaits the gradually surging traffic with a safe, renewed environment and even higher service quality.
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