Music review: Alessia Selini – Looking At The Moon

Music review: Alessia Selini – Looking At The Moon

Italian pop-soul icon Alessia Selini has released her first EP. The Looking At The Moon album contains four songs, including a brand new one.

Alessia Selini's work is not unknown to us, we discovered the young singer during her live streams on Twitch, where she plays her own songs as well, with lyrics and music written by herself. In this year, she has already published three originals. Her first EP includes these tree and a brand new song. The Looking At The Moon was premiered online on 19 November.

The first song of the EP is Happy Place, which, as the title suggests, is about finding a happy place. What not necessarily a physical location, a situation or even a balanced relationship can create it, like in the song. However this is the first composition of the young singer-songwriter, it is a complete song, with pure vocals and emotional piano playing.

Time is a reflection on time and how to slow it down and stop it. This situation appealing to many of us, because nowadays we have a fast-paced, ever-changing world, and perhaps everyone would like to stop and step outside the frightening cycle. Alessia has composed a great keyboard accompaniment for this slightly slower song, with lyrics and music in almost perfect harmony, giving the melody a calming effect.

However, Ms Selini is not only good with the piano, Busy With You is a light, relaxed, romantic theme, accompanied with acoustic guitar. Alessia's clear-sounding vocals are also perfectly suited to this style, and it is the most catchy tune on the album.

The closing track Worth The Risk is a little bit harder than the previous ones, showing a difficult time when it's not easy to trust again after a painful disappointment in love. The poignant lyrics are accentuated by painful piano chords.

All 14 minutes of Looking At The Moon are well composed. Alessia Selini's vocals are perfect match for the style and the musical accompaniment. Her debut EP shows that the young singer-songwriter has a promising career ahead of her.

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