The companies' pessimism increased in February

The companies' pessimism increased in February

GKI’s economic sentiment index fell in February after a January rise, within the statistical margin of error.

According to a survey conducted by GKI Economic Research Co. with the support of the EU, business expectations deteriorated, especially in industry, whereas consumer expectations improved slightly. The intention of the business sector to in-crease prices further strengthened, especially among service companies, which became more optimistic in all respects in February.

Customers of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport travelling on the middle route section of tramline 19 either on Saturday or Sunday between 4 June and 28 August 2022 could gain a unique experience, as they have the chance to hear about touristic curiosities onboard the line during the summertime weekends.

Tens of thousands of Hungarians travel from Budapest to the Turkish metropolis every year, and from June, they can do so with AnadoluJet flights as well. From the first month of summer, the Turkish Airlines subsidiary will fly three times a week.

In the last week, 23 new ETFs complement the offering on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The expanded ETF offering provides even more opportunities for risk diversification.